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Meat Sambusas

Meat Sambusas

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Our meat sambusas are great a super snack. They are native to East Africa and are staple street food that drivers rely on while on their long trips. The combination of carbs, proteins, and vitamin C leaves customers satisfied and nourished. For anyone seeking to still eat healthy while enjoying a quick snack at a sports game, sambusas fill that gap.

Ingredients:  Tortillas, Onions, Green Peppers, Lemon Juice, Celery, Garlic Cloves, Ground beef,Green peas

Contains: Gluten


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Try Our Furahi Sambusas

Our Furahi sambusas boxes are available for pick up or delivery in Cleveland and will soon be found in a store near you!You will first bite into the flaky outer layer then your tastebuds will be filled with ground meat or vegetables and bursting with savory spices.