Cooking Classes & Catering

There is a special bond created when people come together with food! This is why Furahi is introducing hands-on opportunities for people to learn about and connect with Congolese culture through cuisine.

Each experience is curated as a fun introduction to the diverse dishes, savory seasonings and meaningful recipes that make up Congolese culture.

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About Furahi: A Taste Of Home

Furahi: A Taste of Home merges a love for food and fashion through the exploration of local cuisine and premium dining experiences. Translated from Swahili, Furahi means happiness and we have been making stomachs happy and bringing a piece of Africa to Cleveland, Ohio through Congolese cuisine and unique African dining decor.

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Our table settings are very unique and beautiful. Bring a beautiful taste to your home. they are made with African fabric.


About The Founder

Esther founded Furahi to share her passion for her Congolese culture and food with the world. Not only does the cuisine and fashion from Furahi aim to bring happiness and a taste of Africa to each customer, but it also promotes community and encourages culinary exploration to share the spirit of diversity. Furahi is more than a product but is a culinary and cultural experience.

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