About our Catering

Furahi offers catering for any event or occasion! Your guests will enjoy delicious Congolese seasonings and enjoy the vibrant colors that give each of our cultural dishes their unique flavor. Our team cooks all of the food from scratch and one bite will make your stomach happy and your guests want more. 

We provide catering for indoor and outdoor events including parties in the park, small weddings, birthday celebrations and more. You can pick up your order or we can provide delivery options for locations in the Greater Cleveland area. . Our team is looking forward to making your stomach happy and your event a memorable one!

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About Our Private Chef Service

Our private chef prepares a bold and creative spread just for your intimate meal! Fuhari offers a private chef experience that will take your next small dinner or event to the next level. Our chef has a passion for Congolese cuisine and you can taste it on each plate. As guests dine, they will experience the essence of each dish, along with authentic seasonings and rich flavors. Tell us what you're craving and we can get started on your memorable meal. Click the link below to schedule a private chef session.

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