• One Sambusa - $3.99

    Our famous furahi sambusas are made with extra love. You can place your order for meat or vegan sambusas.

  • Six Fried cassava - $4

    Our delicious fried cassava dish is made from cassava, a starchy root vegetable popular in many parts of the world. Perfect as a snack or side dish, our fried cassava can be seasoned with a variety of spices or dipping sauces to suit your taste.

  • Six Fried Plantains - $4

    Enjoy the delicious flavor of fried plantains, prepared with the perfect level of crunch and sweetness. Our Six Fried Plantains are cooked to perfection, offering a classic  snack.

  • Two Beignets - $5

    Our delicious African beignets - a mouth-watering fritter that's popular in many African countries, Perfect as a snack or side dish, Try them today and experience the taste of Africa!

  • Sombe - $18

    Sombe is an authentic African soup featuring fresh cassava leaves simmered in flavorful broth. Enjoy with either fufu or rice for a hearty and filling meal. With its nutrient-dense ingredients, Sombe is a delicious and healthy choice.

  • Pomme De terre - $15

    Enjoy the perfect pairing of flavor and texture with Pomme De terre premium potatoes. These high-quality potatoes are derived from the finest sources, ensuring a delightful eating experience every time.

  • Kokoliko - $26

    Try out Kokoliko's Sunflower Seed soup, an authentic Congolese dish. Expertly made with sunflower seed, you can also add fish or beef as a protein. Enjoy your soup with a side of Fufu or rice, for a delicious and nourishing meal.

  • Baked Goat Meat - $35

    Bake Goat Meat is a delicious, savory dish prepared by baking goat meat in an oven. The baking process locks in the meat's natural flavors, creating an intensely flavorful experience. Enjoy the succulent, juicy meat in a hot and crispy dish that's sure to please!

  • Tilapia - $27

    Try our Congolese-style tilapia, seasoned with a burst of savory spices. Please note, one whole tilapia is intended to serve two people. Let us know if you would like the head removed or kept.

  • Chicken Stew - $20

    Enjoy the flavors of Africa with our Light Chicken Stew, served with a Side of Rice or fufu. This classic dish combines chicken, vegetables, and spices to create a delightful and authentic aroma and flavor. 

  • Fried Rice with Beans - $18

    Delve into the rich flavors of our Congolese-style Fried Rice with Beans. This dish brings together the hearty goodness of beans and the comforting taste of perfectly cooked rice. It's a delightful culinary journey straight from Congo to your plate, boasting of unique African herbs and spices. It's not just a meal, it's an experience!

  • Goat Stew - $35

    Our Goat Stew with a side of your choice of either rice or fufu is a delicious and filling meal. This dish is made with ethically sourced goat meat. Enjoy the distinct flavor of African cuisine with this easy-to-prepare meal.

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