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Furahi, which translates to 'happiness' in Swahili. We are not just about serving food; we are about creating experiences that bring joy and a taste of home. Through the exploration of local cuisine and premium dining experiences, Furahi hopes to spread the love for Congolese food.

With our commitment to quality and authenticity, we have been making stomachs happy and bringing a piece of Africa to Cleveland, Ohio through our delicious and hearty Congolese cuisine.

Furahi in the Community

Furahi reaches beyond the kitchen into the community through our cooking classes, private chef experience and the Furahi Sambusas . Our Congolese Cuisine 101 class allows Furahi to educate the public about the beautiful culinary history of Congolese cuisine while offering practical tips on preparing Congolese dishes. The Furahi Sambusas brings the delicious taste of Furahi to your door! Our Furahi sambusas are available for pick up or delivery in Cleveland and will soon be found in a store near you! You have the option of selecting meat or vegetable sambusas with your order and each one is made in the traditional Congolese fashion. You will first bite into the flaky outer layer then your tastebuds will be filled with ground meat or vegetables and bursting with savory spices.

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Our History

Furahi is a family-centered business founded in June 2020 by Esther Ngemba. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Esther and her family came to Cleveland, Ohio in 2011 seeking refuge from war. Nine years later, Esther founded Furahi to share her passion for her Congolese culture and food with the world. Not only does the cuisine from Furahi aim to bring happiness and a taste of Africa to each customer, but it also promotes community and encourages culinary exploration to share the spirit of diversity. Furahi is more than a product but is a culinary and cultural experience.

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